Glad Tidings Pt. 1

“Give me some good news,” she pleads, clutching my arm with a vise grip. “Who do we know who’s getting married? Engaged? Having a baby?” These are queries I cannot answer.

You want good news? I shall tell you what I know: Poor farmers are being driven off their lands in the interest of a minor boost to sky-high corporate profits. The environmental agents that sustain and maintain human and animal life on this earth (rainforests that produce breathable atmospheric oxygen, oceans which sustain wild food sources, rivers which irrigate and sustain agriculture and provide drinking water) are being thoughtessly toyed with and dismantled for short-term gain. Innocent children are being poisoned and starved due to willful negligence by the very political entities that claim to serve and protect them. The innocent around the world are being raped mutilated and murdered by armed men in uniform. Oppression is everywhere.

The good news is that Allah exists and He created everything and He is the Most Just and He is watchful over His Creation. He is and has always been and will always be in full control. He is intimately acquainted with every minute action of His Creation. He sees what is apparent and what is hidden. He knows what you do whether it is done publicly or privately. Each leaf, each drop of water, each dust mote, each microscopic spore, each molecule, each atom, all are recorded with Him. And doesn’t it make sense for the One who designed all of this to know?

It is true that there is no perfect justice in this imperfect life. Here and now, the powerful may loot and kill. Despite their violations, they are not struck by lightning where they stand, but Allah allows them to delve deeper and deeper into wrongdoing. He does not hold people to account immediately. If these evil people desired to do so, they could change. Allah gives them time. They could choose not to harm and oppress and corrupt and kill. They could be grateful for what they have. They could reflect. They could acknowledge the Almighty. They could fear the outcome of their evil. They could fear the One who will hold them to account. They could restrain themselves. They continue, but their oppression will ultimately only harm themselves. Their actions cannot harm the Master of the Worlds, but their own actions condemn them to eternal punishment.

If this doesn’t make you alternately rejoice and tremble with fear, what more can I say?


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